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  Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Transparency, Leadership, Diversity


The mission of the Alliance is to contribute to the academic success of children and youth by drawing on cultural  and linguistic diversity, enacted through collaborative partnerships.


The vision of the Alliance is to serve as a catalyst for supporting educational initiatives that meet the cultural, linguistic, and diverse academic needs of New Mexico’s children and youth.


  1. To create a pipeline of new teachers in New Mexico by serving as the state office for Educators Rising NM. The goal is to have the Educators Rising program established in 100 New Mexico schools by 2020.
  2. To increase partnerships with existing NMSU STEM Outreach Programs, school districts, community agencies Regional Education Cooperatives, State agencies, and National agencies to support teacher recruitment, research and STEM Education in New Mexico.
  3. To increase the research capacity of the College of Education through the Southwest Outreach Academic And Research (SOAR) Lab. SOAR provides research and internship opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students from various disciplines. These students work with existing STEM outreach programs to develop research plans, create data collection instruments, analyze data, write publications, give presentations and conduct program evaluations.
  4. To advocate, as a collaborative group, for policies and standards that meet the needs of rural and border districts.


  • To build, maintain, and strengthen relationships with pre-K12 educators and other community representatives.
  • To facilitate the linking of resources between and among NMSU, pre-K12 educators, and communities entities.
  • To provide access to professional development and technical assistance that meets the cultural, linguistic, and diverse academic needs of all children and youth.
  • To support rural and border districts/schools in increasing community and parent engagement.
  • To collaborate with the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) and other state agencies to provide current information and professional development to rural and border districts/schools.
  • To collaborate  with the Regional Educational Cooperative Centers (RECs) to provide professional development and consulting services to rural and border districts/schools.
  • To facilitate opportunities for members to network and dialogue with other who are interested in educational issues.
  • To provide sound research that is relevant to current policies and standards to member districts/schools.
  • To create opportunities to advocate for effective and equitable education policies and standards.