1. Germain DegardinGermain Degardin:

Germain  is a native of France and is currently a graduate student in Curriculum & Instruction. He arrived in Las Cruces in 2011 to pursue a BA in Economics and received an athletic scholarship to play for the NMSU Men’s Tennis Team. After graduating with a BA in 2014, he decided to enroll in the MBA program. In addition to graduating in Spring 2015 with his MBA, he won the WAC Conference Tournament for the first time in the NMSU Tennis Team history.

 Always eager to discover new experiences, he chose to move to New York in order to work for a tennis academy. Over there, he discovered his passion for teaching and working with children. This experience convinced him to come back to NMSU to pursue a graduate degree in Curriculum & Instruction. He is a patient and thoughtful person whose main strengths lie in qualitative analysis and education related subjects. Besides work, He likes reading, cooking, traveling, and music. He intends to graduate within 3 years with a license in secondary education and a license to teach French and Spanish at a high school level. He is also very interested by continuing his education by pursuing a Ph.D. in Education Leadership.


John Kulpa

2. John Kulpa:

John is a PhD candidate in psychology at NMSU, with minors in mathematics and applied statistics. His dissertation research is focused on developing automated, efficient methods of measuring people’s subjective judgments of similarity. He recently served as a graduate fellow in the GK-12 DISSECT computer science outreach program, helping middle and high school students approach science from a computational thinking perspective. As a researcher in the SOAR Lab, he looks forward to investigating the impact of STEM outreach programs, while helping guide study design and data collection. Away from work, he likes to  sing, swim, hike, and ice skate. Most importantly, John is the father of Kendra, Derek,and John David—three absolutely fabulous elementary school students.



Sabrina Jamison3. Sabrina Jamison:

Sabrina  left Minnesota to attend New Mexico State University to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. She has dreamt of being an educator since she was a little girl and has a passion for learning. Sabrina is a Crimson Scholar studying Secondary Education with an emphasis in Life Science. She is an aspiring high school biology teacher who wishes to encourage her future students to follow their dreams. Her love for biology came from a high school teacher whose persona in the classroom and teaching style heavily influenced her decision to become a biology teacher. As a future teacher, Sabrina knows that she wants to inspire other high school students to have the same passion for learning science as she has. An involved student on campus, she is currently a member of Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society, Education Council and President of the Educators Rising Chapter at New Mexico State University. She is working with the members of NMSU’s Educators Rising to assist students with the transition from high school and college.

 4.Yvette Salcedo:Yvette Salcedo:

Yvette is currently a full time student at New Mexico State University. She is working towards earning a BA in Psychology. Yvette gained a passion for the field of psychology at an early age. She would like to purse a MA in Psychology in the near future. As a member of the SOAR research team she hopes to gain the necessary skills to help her thrive in her future career. A commuter student from El Paso, Texas, she is a dedicated member of her community. In her personal life, Yvette loves to spend time with her family and friends. Her interests include attending baseball and football games, the great outdoors, hiking, tubing, traveling, cooking, attending concerts, and listening to music.


Shubhasmita Pati:5. Shubhasmita Pati:

Shubhasmita Pati, holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering from Siksha O Anusandhan University, India, where she has been awarded university Gold Medal. She is currently doing MS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at New Mexico state university, USA, since spring 2015. She is also working as a Graduate Research Assistant in SOAR lab in at New Mexico state university. She has worked as a Research Engineer in Siksha O Anusandhan University from Nov 2012 to Aug 2013 and as a Software Engineer in HCL Technologies, India from Aug 2013 to Dec 2014.

6. Luis M. Rangel Jr.

            I am a graduate student at New Mexico State University currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics.  My research experience started in Fall of 2009 and continued till Summer of 2013.  Fall 2013 I started a Data analyst position in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Texas at El Paso.  I have maintained similar appointments, data manager, in the Department of Psychology in the aforementioned university.  I am well versed in Covariance structures, multivariate, mixed methods and missing data methods for both categorical and continuous growth models.